Housing Crisis Top Topic

houseing crisisNew data from the CIRB, Construction Industry Research Board, indicating building growth when they released their August 2016 data, which details the number of new building permits in California during a given month. In August there were 4,059 new single family units and 5,216 multi-family units, totaling 9,275 new homes. 2,300 more as compared to last August.

The need for new housing is a top topic for candidate for election of the 5th District who say addressing the housing crisis is their top priority, though their ideas on how to address it differ.

One candidate’s strategy focuses on streamlining the permitting process for new development and creating other incentives for developers to build new units.

The other candidate has said she would require developers to include on-site affordable housing in all new residential and commercial developments, expressing strong support for so-called inclusionary zoning laws.

In either case, increased building  will likely remain top of mind in the SF Bay Area as the housing crisis only grows due to increasing population and the booming Tech

Economy .