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For over 30+ years, All Truss has specialized in producing top quality and high volume factory built wood roof and open web floor trusses. To ensure the quality of its products, All Truss only uses Douglas fir green and dry lumber from a network of high quality lumber mills in the Pacific North West.

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Roof Trusses

We design and manufacture a variety of roof systems, from luxurious custom homes, full subdivision projects, and commercial buildings, to re-roofs, remodels and additions, garages and barns.

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Floor Trusses

Floor trusses are an open web design, which is perfect for running duct, plumbing, and most of your mechanical needs.

All Truss’s products meet the Truss Plate Institute (TPI) standards, and we have a third party inspector who ensures that all wood trusses are in compliance with the standards set forth in accordance with ANSI’s accredited consensus procedures for coordination and development of American National Standards.

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Public Works

Fire Stations to HUD housing we are the trusted choice for large and complex jobs.

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Truss Configurations

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Upgrade your home

If you are looking for a fresh new look and want some changes in your home, you can add on, remodel, or change the style of your roof. We design the new trusses to seamlessly transition into your existing residence so it looks like a brand new home.

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Custom Homes

We design for custom homes with every available type of ceiling including; vaults, cathedral vaults, barrel vaults, studio vaults, trays, coffers, step-ups, etc. You envision it, we will build it. We also customize every project to the specific roof elevation created by you and your architect.


Commercial Contractors

All Truss, Inc. manufactures many styles of commercial buildings: Hotels, Assisted Living Complexes, Restaurants, Retail Buildings, Wineries, Community Centers. We also manufacture residential buildings such as Multifamily Residentials, Town Homes, Apartment Complexes, Condos, and Live Work Complexes. We design for many different types of roof systems: pitched roofs, flat roofs, trusses with built in parapet walls, floor trusses, etc. We also supply trusses for full residential subdivisions.

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FSC® is the most rigorous international standard for responsible forestry. FSC certified forests conserve biological diversity, water resources and crucial ecosystems. The FSC standard also upholds worker rights and supports economic prosperity in surrounding communities. The FSC Chain of Custody certification ensures that certified wood products are tracked from forest to final product (and if applicable, that qualified recycled materials are used), adding legitimacy to the FSC claim throughout the supply chain.


(License code FSC-C005864)